GV Overview

Gurimas Ventures Sdn. Bhd. (GV) was founded to establish our commitment to encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship in the technology sector.

GV focuses on becoming an ideal platform to entrust aspiring and mutually beneficial venture capitalisation in various new or high technologies and commercialising it to benefit all parties involved, as well as the nation and the world. 

With that, GV is forging ahead into the limitless possibilities in Bio-Technology and medical breakthroughs including the high-potential field of enzymes. Technological developments and product innovations have raised the application of enzymes in various industrial sectors in recent years. Industrial enzymes could typically replace conventional chemicals, getting more out of raw materials and increasing the efficiency of production processes while addressing environmental concerns.

    GV Vision

GV’s VISION is to be involved in enabling innovators and entrepreneurs with good ideas and innovations to bring them to successful fruition, creating wealth for both innovators and venture supporters as well as enhanced lives and lifestyles for the world.


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